Nikon D5300 Pre-Order Information

The Nikon D5300 represents the latest available DSLR technology in a compact, affordable package. Given its outstanding features and price the, in addition to the upcoming holiday season, the D5300  will be in high demand over the next few months. Rather than wait until hits the stores and possibly sells out, pre-ordering will assure you get first delivery of this amazing camera.

The D5300 is expected to begin shipping in mid-November (November 14, 2013). Based on the history of some recent Nikon cameras, and the upcoming holidays, it may be hard to find in stock if you wait get it. By ordering from an authorized Nikon dealer now you are guaranteed to get it in good time.

Many reputable online sources are offering the D5300, and they have agreements with Nikon not to advertise below a given minimum advertised price (MAP), so unlike some items, you won’t save by shopping around. Additionally, these retailers offer a generous cancellation and return policies. You won’t be charged until your camera actually ships, and you have 30 days to return your camera (see retailer websites for details). You will get this at all of the retailers listed on this page.